Take care of listening ears

Open-ear headphones

Our mission is to offer a unique audio well-being thanks to a natural listening without pain or hearing risk while keeping a good sound quality. A different way to listen, for all the various activities that punctuate a day and in all situations, at home, at work or outdoors. Our responsibility is to constantly innovate to take care of listening ears.


AirDC® Technology : Innovation for natural sound

Each Attitud headphones use AirDC® technology for unique audio quality. AirDC® is based on directional air conduction of the sound which uses air to transmit waves generated by an electrodynamic transducer. Unlike bone conduction of sound, AirDC® technology doesn't generate any vibration sensation and offer a clear and very natural sound.


Our customers talk about us.

"This is an awesome headset! I have recommended this headset to multiple people and we love them !"

"Phone and video calls suddenly became enjoyable! I don't have this unpleasant buzzing noise I use to have with my bone conduction headsets. I love them!"

"I work from home but it's against company policy to use a wireless headset that plugs my ears. I use earcity and I love not wearing a bulky headset that hurts my ears"

"Such a cool design and so comfortable! My new go-to for Zoom calls and when I'm not using them I hang them around my neck "

"I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the headphones.  I listen to music online as well as interviews and training information.  The headphones help a lot, sound quality is great and I would look forward to receiving the new model"

"Thank you so much for your quick response and your kindness in replacing my purchase. I really am a fan of your product.

Thanks again for your help and great customer service. "



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