ATTITUD reinvents listening with headphones.

ATTITUD is a start-up with a societal impact, co-founded by an ENT and an engineer to offer the general public unique audio well-being through natural listening without pain or hearing risk while maintaining excellent sound quality.


Very often, start-ups are born from the initiative of young entrepreneurs. The Attitud story is very different. The brand owes its creation to a couple of scientists with more than 12 years of experience as a battery engineer and ENT doctor. It all started with the couple's intention to find individual audio devices that suited them. All headphones or earphones caused them discomfort which, over time, became more and more unbearable and painful. With these two inventive characters, the couple begins to imagine the ideal product. Quickly the idea of ​​bypassing the eardrum to free it from all physical and acoustic discomfort emerged, open-ear headphones were born. A discussion begins around the most appropriate technology. Bone conduction, well known to ENT doctors, appeared to be the most judicious. Unfortunately, the various tests and optimizations did not provide the necessary comfort and sound quality

The goal was to achieve sound quality as close as possible to traditional speakers while eliminating vibration sensations. Test after test, it was clear that the sound quality emitted by the reference speakers was consistently better than that of any bone conduction transducer, even after modifications. The idea of ​​directional air conduction – AirDC® was born after 2 years of research. It then took an additional 18 months to bring this AirDC® technology to fruition and an additional year to finance the industrialization of the first open-ear headset: EarCITY. After the launch of this first product, and still driven by the same conviction of audio well-being, Attitud developed EarSLEEP 6 months later. This is an audio cushion to help you fall asleep by masking tinnitus, meditation, relaxation or even listening to ASMR in order to give people the sleep they need.


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